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Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun

Chinese Medical Acupuncturist

Invented in the Far East and developed over millenniums, acupuncture cure by the needle-stuck without causing pain in the body. Wheater is considered magic, trick or science, many testimonials say it works. About news and developments on this subject we interviewed the Chinese medical Liang Wei Liu Jun.

Self Biography

I was born in Beijing, China, on August 6, 1941. I learned acupuncture from my father, who started teaching me when I was 11. I studied medicine in China and got specialized in acupuncture. I worked in Beijing until 87, when Bolivia's president invited me to his country. I came to Peru in 2003, invited by Cesar Acuna. I came with my wife, she is also a physician. I have a son born in Beijing. I puncture myself with needles, for this I use a mirror as help.

"When I turned 11, my father began teaching acupuncture. He worked on that and I worked at looking him. I also helped him. He learned from his father. After that, I studied medicine at university in China. I liked it very much because I saw my dad helping patients who suffered a lot. But he punctured them and calmed them, then, patients were happy. With that my dad got happy and I looked happy", recalls Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun . We're in his office, in Figueredo 127, Miraflores.

What is the difference between what he learned from his dad and what he learned in college?

In college I studied the system, history and modern techniques. My dad was a traditional practicer.

So this form of medicine has been modernized. How?

Yes, very. Acupuncture has about three thousand years. Now, modern acupuncture is applied elsewhere in the body, eg, ear or eye. Can be applied only in the eye and can cure everything.

Stick needles in my eye?

Yes, but small ones. You can also heal any single clicking on the tongue or in the foot or just in the nose or abdomen. There, the body is represented throughout.

How were the needles before?

Centuries ago, the needles were fish bone. After that the needles were made of iron. The former are skinny. The ones we use now, for acupuntomología, are steel, and larger and wider, than a millimeter thick. These are the most modern. I have them, but not in South America.

The fish bones ache ...

Before people used to spear fish bones to the sick. So in that way they tested where it would hurt, until they found a point in the patient . He could lose blood, but then the person healed. Then they were joining points. For example, one finds points that serve to soothe the stomach, in addition, another point helps with the headache. The body has 400 points.

How long lived in China?

Until December of 1987. The president of Bolivia, Paz Estenssoro, invited me to his country. In Bolivia, many ladies and deaf children, they needed to heal. Then I got the invitation and tickets and everything else. In 87 I went and was there until June 2003.

And when came to Peru?

That year (2003). Was invited by César Acuña (now mayor of Trujillo). I chose to come because in La Paz was very high. At 4000 thousand meters above sea level, and as I am older, I began to feel unwell. Here I am better. Also here there are many Chinese. And many chifas (Chinese restaurants in Peru). And I had many patients as well. While in Trujillo, in a day, could have a hundred patients. Then I went to Arequipa and then came to Lima because we had to put in order a pile of papers.

Did you come with your family?

Yes I came with my wife who also is a doctor. Acupuncturist also, but serves mostly women and children.

Why a needle stuck in the body can heal anything?

Theory: In humans there are channels and points. For example, if you have headaches, anxiety, stress, can be cured with a point called geokú, which is in the hand. One does acupuncture there and fails to improve microcirculation. When it improves, the brain receives more blood and therefore more oxygen. The artery that one click is collapsed and then expanded. Many Peruvians are suffering from stress, anxiety, worry ...

Well, look at the country...

Many people have more hunger, eat a lot, suffer impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of memory. Everything is stress. The arteries of the brain are shrinking. But when open, the better nourished brain. Improves memory, improves physical condition.

What about asthma?

To cure asthma touch other points relating to the lungs. On the back there are points called feishú. When you click there, you cure. Asthma and bronchitis also have to do with that microarterias are collapsed. Again can be expanded.

How many sessions should be taken to overcome this?

More or less, five sessions, during which one is like 30 minutes with needles stuck. It depends on the patient's age: young or child heals faster than a larger one. And it also depends how long you've had the disease. For example, a person who has had a sore in waist because a herniated disc for a couple of days, one click and will be fine in few minutes, that's it. But if you have years with the pain, takes longer..

And do you use this in yourself?

Yes I puncture myself with a mirror. So I can click on the eye. Excellent! That's the newest.

You have a list of traitments to cure tension, depression, anxiety, fear, obsessive thoughts, quit smoking, baldness, diseases, diabetes, listlessness, cystitis, etc.., Several are of nervous origin. What else does the treatment?

Sometimes the patient needs rest. If you cure the back stops hurting but you need rest.