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CHINA TODAY, June 2012

Liang Wei Jun,

A Chinese doctor in South America

By: Zhu Hong Kou Mao

It is a very normal yard in the District of Miraflores, Lima; covered by well-tended plants. Only a discreet sign tells visitors it is the seat of the clinic of Dr. Liang Weijun. Despite its location in a paragraph alley, there are patients of all Peru and even other countries in South America.

By: Zhu Hong Kou MaoSeventy years ago Liang Weijun was born in a family dedicated since past generations to the application of traditional Chinese medicine. I read many classics and modern medical books and I accumulated experiences through practice. He often tests repeatedly in his body before he applies acupuncture to patients. Should be noted that, in 1987, our magazine; then under the name of China Builds, published an article on Dr. Liang Weijun and his medical knowledge.

In December 1987, Liang Weijun reached La Paz, capital of Bolivia, to work as a doctor with the invitation of the Ambassador of the country in China. Later, the doctor was hired by the Bolivian Association of Women. Little by little many Bolivians which ignored acupuncture were convinced of its benefits.

In February 1990, Liang Weijun was invited by the Commander of the Police of Bolivia to work at the hospital of the institution, to provide free treatment to the policemen and their families. At the same time, Liang opened his own clinic in the city. He uses acupuncture and scalpel therapy to cure difficult diseases as of cervical and lumbar vertebrae, aseptic necrotic of the femoral head, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Marlene Medrano Criales is one Bolivian, who suffered a severe arthritis for many years and even could not walk. His mother and friends were those who brought him to the clinic of Liang. Without anesthesia, the doctor applied his treatment with several needles. "I felt as if mosquitoes were stinging me" described Marlene, two months after she improved. "I can walk, but I do not give firm steps." "What has made me Doctor Liang has no price".

During the 18 years that the doctor remained in Bolivia, he treats almost 100 thousand patients. At the request of many officers who were benefited with the cure; in June 1996, Liang was recognized with the degree of Knight, maximum Police forces award.

Medical Vice President and Peruvian people

In 2005, The Cesar Vallejo University of Peru invited Liang Weijun and his wife Wang Yixian, who is also a doctor, to give a medical Conference. During this visit, Liang found the interest of Peru in Chinese medicine and decided to stay.

The majority of patients who came to Liang are Peruvians. In July 2008 it appeared in his clinic Luis Giampietri, at that time first Peruvian Vice President, who suffered a severe pain, caused by the coxal bone disease for a long time and had failed with local treatments. However, his illness was cured after three therapies that combined acupuncture and scalpel therapy, and was applied by the Liang couple. "Xie Xie Ni" (Thanks to you), the Vice-President said.

Doctor Liang also treats for free some patients. Moses, a Peruvian worker, had suffered for 15 years of herniated intervertebral disk. The pain had spread to arms and legs and sometimes even stayed paralyzed for short periods. After reading the stories of several Peruvian newspapers about the Chinese doctor, Moses decided to go. Through the scalpel therapy, now he can fend for himself. "I did not have money because I had spent too much on medical consultations. When Dr. Liang new about it, he did not collect the treatment. I'm shocked," continued Moses.

"I do not give free treatment, only for patients who need economic aid. Also I have to keep and support my life", said Liang.

Traditional Chinese medicine is magic

Soruco Azurduy is also a doctor, with 23 years dedicated to his career; he experienced the magic of Chinese discipline. He suffered from a strong headache for almost 10 years. "I received many treatments without results," remember the doctor - patient. After receiving a continuous treatment of 26 days eased the pain.

According to Liang, because they do not know Chinese medicine, many do not believe that diseases can be cured with several needles. However, after experiencing their effectiveness, they trust on it.

"I do not mean that acupuncture can cure it all. Without a doubt, western medicine is also effective. However, there is no reason to rule out the Chinese medicine which has survived many centuries", said Azurduy. Since 1980, the World Health Organization recognizes that acupuncture is able to cure 43 diseases of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, nervous and muscular system.

What is the secret of healing of the scalpel therapy? Liang explains that it is a therapy that is based on acupuncture, but also combines the achievements of modern medicine. Advances in the diagnosis diseases and pathological studies allow many previously incurable diseases, now not to be it. "Scalpel therapy consists in separate the adherence of their bone, tendon, ligament and nerves, this way relieves pressure due to nerves and blood vessels and so improves the circulation of the blood", said Liang. The application of therapy is equivalent to a small surgical operation, but with less than one millimeter incision.

In addition of treating patients, Dr. Liang also maintains regular exchanges with the Peruvian and Bolivian medical organizations, giving classes of Chinese Acupuncture and scalpel therapy. "I wish that more people know and trust this traditional medicine," said Liang.

First Vice-Presidency of the Republic

Miss Luciana Leon Romero, Congressman

Guest by the University Cesar Vallejo, 2003

University Cesar Vallejo

Trujillo, Peru. April 26, 2003

Dr. Liang Wei jun

La Paz (Bolivia).-

Of our especial consideration:

Receive the warm greeting of the Founding director of the University Caesar Vallejo, Dr. Caesar Acuña Peralta, and mine in particular, and simultaneously our congratulation by its professional successful trajectory like doctor of Acupuncture, of which we have knowledge through newspaper THE INDUSTRY from Trujillo, who inserted recently an interesting news article on its person, whose author is a recognized journalist Jose Calmet Wagner.

The journalistic news article in reference has generated a great interest on Acupuncture in our Region and particularly in our University, reason why we advisable believe to invite you to visit us so that you can dictate conferences on this millenarian science that makes surprising cure treatments possible of diseases.

For the effect we communicated that the University Caesar Vallejo its ready to support the expenses that demand the passages in airplane (roundtrip) La Paz - Lima - Trujillo and vice versa; and of this form to count on its valuable presence that can be beneficial for our educational students and of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Without another particular reason and in the hope of its pleasing acceptance we took leave not without first to reiterate our samples to you of our kindness and considers.


Engineer Manuel Llempen Coronel

General Manager

University partnership UCV – UPSS

Bolivian Times

CORREO, Lima Perú. Sunday July 26, 2009

Acupuncture has been applied for more of 2500 years.

It is a used curative technique in the traditional Chinese medicine. Very thin needles are used to stimulate called specific points in the body dazzling that are known by the expert.

 Data: the doctor's office of the Dr. Liang Liu Wei and its wife is in the street Santiago Figueredo 127 Miraflores. Telephone 446 - 5507
 Both arrived at Peru in 2003. Have taken care of hundreds of patients of patients who today live happy and alleviated thanks to their techniques.

Acupuntomology alleviates to pains and diseases

The doctor needle

The pain in the back is one of the appellants in the world. The automotive industralist Guillermo Wong Joo can give faith of it, during fifteen years had the pain due to four cervical hernias impossible to operate and during that same time I look for all the forms to win the war to him. When everything seems lost, he took a last resource: the doctor and Chinese Acupuntomologist Liang Liu Wei Jun said to him that he would do the miracle and thus was.

Not it did said in vain, with average century of experience in acupuncture, in that small needles and in Acupuntomology are used, that under the same principle uses the needles like mini scalpels that do not cause open wounds, doctor Liang did to its patient three microsurgeries in the neck. To the few days the pain had disappeared.

Histories as this the doctor doctor's office of Liang and his wife are listened to on a daily basis in doctor Yi Xian Wang de Liang, expert like in both disciplines. It tells us that Acupuntomology is a technique that it has around 27 years of created to treat the osseous traumatic condition of smooth weaves.

It Operates without Pain

The technical consists in operating without causing open wounds and is apt for the common pains but they require a surgical intervention. For it heddle needles are very similar to which is used in acupuncture (mini scalpels in fact) which they have just one millimeter of diameter. Thickened in the later part and in whose leaf shows a sharp leaf.

They are made with highly resistant surgical material and at the same time own a certain degree of flexibility which avoids is broken within the human weave. To the so tiny being, the mini scalpel explains Doctor Liang can be inserted with facility within the weave and without causing open wounds that require later sutures nor produce bleeding, reason why they do not exist operating post scars.

He explains that he and his wife can much cure hundred of diseases with acupuncture placing needles in precise points of the body like with Acupuntomology.

Sensible Points

And how do they do it? After the patient sets out his ailment, doctor Liang auscultates his eyes, hands and pulse to determine the exact problem as well as the state in which is the patient thus to determine the therapy to use. It details that they are 309 points of the body on which their needles work and following the disease to try the treatments are realized. Testimonies like the one of Guillermo Wong Loo, today happy because the inoperable hernias are counted by tens in the doctor's office located in Miraflores.

This good doctor as a child remembers that he used to look how his father used to cure many people, who got to look for it. He learned the traditional technique of Chinese acupuncture and then, already in the university learned the modern techniques of it. The test of its amazing effectiveness it is in his doctor's office, where every day sees happy faces go out. "That gives me too much peace and joy because I do the correct thing and I give back health to Peruvians", the doctor finalizes.

OJO, Lima. Saturday June 20, 2009

Acupuntomology, the evolution of acupuncture

The magical one to be able of the needles

Amazing method can cure but of one hundred diseases and alleviates all type of pain

Some years ago, Carlos Fhon was detected with cervical hernias, which brought him continuous pains during several months. The doctors recommended to use collar, but far from to alleviate annoyances, this brought terrible headaches and others to him in the right side of the body.

After it they advised to a surgery and a treatment with cervical traction that consists of placing a harness with a water stock market in the back. Without I engage the clutch, once east abandonment method, the pain returned immediately.

Thus someday, he heard about whole of kindness from Acupuntomology and went to the doctor's office, to see Doctor Liang Liu Wei Jun, a specialist Chinese doctor in this science that was causing sensation with microsurgeries that cure fast and amazingly the evils pains, lengths and that often seem incurable. This technique picks up all the benefits of acupuncture and the western medicine, and guarantees the treatment of 101 diseases, as well as the lightening of but the intense neuromuscular pains that often are only dealt with surgical interventions. Acupuntomology is a kind of micro surgery by puncture that does not leave to open wounds nor scars.

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