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Testimonials from some patients in Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia July 30, 1996

Doctor Yi Xian Wang de Liang
Very dear doctor Yi Xian:
By these lines I want to thank you for helping me in a so efficient form, in relation to my ailment of the spine and mainly of the cervical one. This disease that had been afflicting me for many years, not only had made difficult the daily life to me by the constant pain, but I arrive almost until making unusable the arm and the left hand.
By Acupuncture and massage treat, you have managed to straighten the cervical column alleviating this way the constant pain and being able to again move in all their extension the arm and the fingers of the left hand.
I would want to declare to you, that I suffer of this one ailment for many years, having tried by eminent professors in Germany. Some of them have prescribed me by quite long time cortisone, with very negative results for my general state of health. Today, after 15 sessions of acupuncture and massages, I feel in excellent state of health, since my body has been exclusively dealt with natural medicines without collaterals effects.
My deep gratefulness to Doctor Yi Xian de Liang, who has been able to help me in an extraordinary form.
Doctor Hildegard Kruger.

La Paz, Bolivia. June 3, 2002

Ana María Silva Salgado
Husband: Daniel Rolando Orihuela
It does display a temperature of 39.9 degrees to 40.0 degrees during 6 days, displaying in addition headache, chills, cannot raise the left arm nor work the joints of the fingers either, not being able to take and hold any object. It cannot make his biological needs, all this because the skillful patient took many hours in bath, after having a childbirth with Caesarean.
During 6 days she was dealt in different hospitals with diverse medicines like injections and others, not doing effect to her neither of them, remaining with the 39.9 degrees of temperature.
To the patient it applied acupuncture, first to lower the temperature arriving at 37.8 degrees, simultaneously her left hand returned to normality being able to raise any object.
Attention: Doctor Yi Xian Wang

La Paz, Bolivia. January 19, 2011

Doctor Liang
Acupuncture - Acupuntomology
Present. –
Appreciated Doctor:
In this opportunity I cause to run into you, being thankful by the treatments of Acupuntomology and microsurgery that you realized to me in different occasions and according to the malaise that I displayed at the moment.
Common malaises produced by stress, in my case as they were: muscle convulsions in both eyes, nervous tension and serious muscular contractures in different places from the parallel central nerves column; badly in this last, that you cured me by microsurgeries, alleviating to me immediately of an acute pain that which I was afflicted by several months in the back high and average, it was unbearable to resist without the consumption of daily analgesics.
In seconds you cured me; it was incredible for me to verify how the scalpels and also needles for other evils can cure diseases that in if they cannot in fact be curable with western traditional medicines.
I am infinitely thankful by the treatments and cures that I received. I make notice simultaneously its professionalism, amazing that turns out to be your knowledge and the ability you demonstrate; also the amiability and quality of human being that always you demonstrate.
Without more, very kindly to you, I take leave.
Lic. Cecilia Jazmin Molina ID: 3326786 LP.

La Paz, 31 January 1990, Bolivia

Dr. Liang Wei Jun
Appreciated Doctor
Being thankful for its treatment of acupuncture, you healed the disease that I had, sinusitis nasal hemorrhage and I could not breathe by my nose. Of the 4 of January from 1990 to the 31 of the same month I was healed completely of this disease.
Thank you very much Dr.
Abel Flores C. Telephone 378686
Av. Brasil esq. Lucas Jaimes # 1699 Colegio La Salle

La Paz, 27 of June 1994, Bolivia

To the gentleman:
Dr. Liang Wei Jun
Considered Dr.
I arrived at his office without hope, found patient of rheumatism, arthritis and drop for three years. You Dr. have made me a treatment only for a few days, with your specialty, with needles, at the moment I feel happy that little by little my disease is lost, and I am happy and I am thankful because you have cured my disease.
Finally I want to be useful in being thankful, saluting very respectfully and that God blesses you.
Sol. My. Eduardo Yujsa Yapu V. Esperanza c/peatonal # 88
Police civil servant

La Paz, 27 of June 1994, Bolivia

For the gentleman:
Dr. Liang Wei Jun
Considered Doctor, I came to consult the 26 of May 1994 by the reason for herpes disease that more or less began a year ago back and that affected me to much thus I went to consult another medical dermatologists, neurologists, etc. Who did other treatments that did not give the result that I hoped, but now with your treatment of acupuncture, I feel much better and I hope and I trust to be absolutely cure, thus I thank you to much and that God bless you.
Consuelo Dehesa
Calle Sorata # 1564 Villa Victoria, La Paz Bolivia

La Paz, 16 of March 1990, Bolivia

Dr. Liang Wei Jun:
I give thousand thanks for the aid that gave to Daniela daughter Creek of 2 years and 11 months to be able to listen. It has hiprosia which does not have cure, nothing would help her.
Now she reacts to sounds, which before did not do, when you finish the treatment I know that she will listen.
Thanks you for everything.
Mónica Montes de Rivera
Alto Sequencoma monoblock B piso 3 Dpto. 24

La Paz, 7 of November 1989, Bolivia

Sir Dr. Liang Wei Jun
Considered Dr., I came to see you without hope, to leave the 20-30 daily cigarettes that I use to smoke for the last 15 years.
You have given the unexpected possibility, to leave this vice and to find a new way to live.
I would advise the practice of acupuncture to the ones they have this problem and in addition with a specialist adapted like you.
Thus, I want to thank for and to greet it.
Mariangela Barbreu
Julio Méndez, 100 – 796683

La Paz, 9 of March 1991, Bolivia

Dr. Liang Wei Jun, 28 days ago I came for the first time and to date I take off, with 12 sessions of acupuncture, the asthma, the swelling of the stomach, the beats of the heart improved, and the rheumatism too, therefore I have a general lightening thanks to the treatment practiced by You.
I point out that I am meritorious of the mother country, national hero and evaded of Paraguay, I am 74 years old and in view of my improvement I will follow the treatment with 20 interventions more.
Carlos Olmos
Juan Manuel Deza #1724

La Paz, 11 of July 1995, Bolivia

Dr. Liang Wei Jun
Appreciate Dr. I am thankful for infinitely for the treatment of Chinese acupuncture, it healed me of the disease that suffered. Firstly I resorted to a specialist pneumologist, but they could not detect my disease, was not nor bronchitis, said that it was a little bronchial inflammation.
In second instance I resorted to an X-ray center so that they radiograph me the skull, and in which they detected that I had a chronic sinusitis disease. Without knowledge on what to do, through the newspaper I found out your advertisement: Medical Doctor's office of Acupuncture, and of such way I hurry up to visit you and begin my treatment from 6 of June 1995 to the 10 of Julio 1995, and you healed my chronic disease.
Thank you very much Doctor.
Raul Arroyo Condori
Zona Alto Munaypata C. Caranavi #54

Santa Cruz, 22 of June 1990 , Bolivia

Dr. Liang Wei Jun
My gratefulness to the treatment that you did to me is huge, of another way it could not have enjoyed these few days here in the city because it suffered of very strong rheumatic pains that but for its treatment much by the cold had suffered. I reiterate my gratefulness and hope I return.
Irma de Navarrete
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

La Paz, 6 of November 1990, Bolivia

Sir Dr. Liang Wei Jun
By means of the present, I want to put record of my gratefulness by the effective treatment of acupuncture that I received, through what cured my disease of hemorrhoids, avoiding one bother surgery.
At the moment I joy of perfect health thanks to its "magical needles". Dr. Liang for You My deeper recognition, at the same time receive my distinguish considerations.
Roxana Ravello de Avilés
Calle Trinidad Tovar #1084

La Paz, 31 of March 1990, Bolivia

Dr. Liang Wei Jun
I am thankful infinitely by the treatment and the patience in the time that takes my daughter and who improves remarkably in her appetite, rest and in her character, since according to the medical diagnosis she is hypo sneaker in the extreme and no treatment had improve her previously.
At the moment she has already some reactions to certain sounds, at the end of the treatment I know she will listen at all.
God bless you.
Calleja Gutiérrez Family
Max Paredes #943

La Paz 16 of May 1989, Bolivia

Sir Dr. Liang Wei Jun
Very appreciated Doctor,
Thanks to the treatment of acupuncture for 20 days I am restored almost completely of the face paralysis that I had in the left side, therefore I am going to continue attending the treatment that within few days will finish.
I am infinitely thankful.
Maria Lourdes de Despot
Av. Saavedra #1912