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Compact Introduction of the development of Acupotomology

The Acupotomology, originated by Professor Zhu Hanzhang, the head of the Greatwall hospital of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a new field of integrating Chinese with modern medicine. It is on the base of Prof. Zhu's creation of the small needle-knife therapy and comes to form after more than 20 years' hard exploring as well as attentive studying.

Acupotomology uses the up-to-date accomplishments of modern natural science in addition to takes the advantages of both Chinese and modern medicine. So that, the cognition to diseases, the way of paths physiology have been realized essentially; some previous mistaken views of pathological changes located clearly can make operating skill of therapy to be more elaborate. The tremendous changes of the therapy and curative effect turn some untreatable diseases by using the routine methods of both Chinese and modern medicine into the treatable, the difficult, invasive and painful to close operating, easy, non-invasive and painless.

With their brand-new theory and outstanding curative effects, the Acupotomology and its therapy gain the welcome of the broad masses of patients and are held in a very high esteem by many medical workers. The national health departments concerned pay great attention to them which have absorbed more and more interests coming from the domestic and abroad medical academia. At present, organizations of Acupotomological therapy have been founded in 43 countries and medical associations of Acupotomology have been built up in 15 countries. There have been more than 2700 special hospitals, therapeutic centers and special departments of Acupotomology in the whole country. Over 15000 medical workers are engaging in concerned matters; among them more than 2000 have the full-senior professional titles and over 8000 have vice-senior or middle-class titles. There also have more than 400 abroad medical workers of Acupotomology.

In 1976 Professor Zhu Hanzhang created the small needle-knife and released the therapeutic method of small needle-knife for the first time; this kind or therapy passed the authentication of national science and technology in 1984; Prof. Zhu won the Hua tuo golden statue award of the national orthopedic department in 1986 and won the U golden award on the 37th Brussels international technological creation fair in 1988, and also Prof. Zhu himself gained the greatest honor medal – Officer Medal honored by the King of Belgium. By Prof. Zhu's chairing, the 1st national academic exchanges congress was held in 1989, four congresses had already been processed successfully till 1996. During the four sessions of congress, many medical workers made great improvements in the medical level of Acupotomology. It is sure that this international academic exchanges congress will come up to greater academic accomplishments by enjoying the support of concerned leads of the central government and the ministry.