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Testimonials from some patients in Peru

First Vice-Presidency of the Republic

Lima, June 9 of 2008
Excellency Lord
Luis Alejandro Giampetri Rojas
First Vice President of the Republic of Peru
Of my consideration,
I have the pleasure to write Your Excellency, to kindly and yet through this, I have a right to inform that Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun. Modern acupuncturist doctor has located his office in Santiago Figueredo Street No. 127, Miraflores, face height 11 of Jose Pardo, with telephone 4465507 and cellular 997668813.
Hoping that such information is useful read reiterating the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem, I remain your Excellency.
Gao Zhengyue
Ambassador of the Republic of China in the Republic of Peru

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia

Lima, December 6, 2012
Liang Liu Wei Jun
Doctor in Acupuncture - Acupuntomology
Of my highest consideration:
By the present, it is a pleasure to refer to you with my best regards and, at the same time, to thank you for the treatment received.
In this regard, I would like to tell that since 1995, I have been suffering from severe headaches due to a Lumbar Herniated Disc (4/5). Since then, I tried different treatments without any result. However, after receiving the treatment of acupuntomology in your Office, for two sessions; the pain and the hernia itself have disappeared entirely.
That is why I turn to you, to thank you once more for your treatment which has made me possible to follow with my daily activities without any discomfort.
I do encourage this opportunity to renew the assurances of my most high esteem and deep consideration.
Very sincerely,
Yosef Betty Fernandez

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​25 years ago, after my child was born, due to the air conditioning blowing directly towards my body, I began having an abnormal pain on my right hip, to the point where I couldn't walk. After more than two months of Chinese medicine treatment I was able to finally walk normally, but I could still feel some sore and cold feelinghere and there, especially when standing and walking for a long while, to the point where my most severe cases I couldn't even sleep.
​Today afternoon, Dr. Liang did a bone therapy through liquid waves. I couldn't really feel the pain during the whole operation, when he knocked the bones, I felt that there was a surge of airflow cleaning my body, and when he took out the needle, there was some kind of electricity flowing from my waist up to down. I was finally able to move my waist freely, walking and crouching with more flexibility. It is as if I my body was filled with some kind of warm current, my brain felt lighter, and my eyes could see clearer! Thank you very much Dr. Liang Weijun for this amazing treatment!
Chen Huijian Lima Perú

DNI 09674924

Miss Luciana León Romero, Congressman

Barranco, Peru, December 19, 2016

Dear Doctor Liang
May this letter be to thank you for the incredible treatment of acupuntomology with which you have changed my life.
For some time now I suffer from a lumbar hernia (L5-S1) and since a little more than a year ago the pain produced in my left leg by pressure on the nerve sciatic, does not let me even sleep limiting my personal and my professional activities.
I had to use powerful medicines to remove the pain, but once it passed its effect, the pain came back.
After several consultations with doctors, the only alternative was to do surgery, which I did not want because it is not known exactly if the procedure will be positive.
The incredible thing about the treatment of Acupuntomology was that in only one session disappeared 70% of the pain I felt, which allowed me to recover mobility and my normal pace of life. And after the treatment the pain has practically disappeared.
Thank you very much for helping me so deeply, for your dedication and for allowing many people to improve so quickly.
Kind Regards.
Gianfranco Brero


Lima Peru 13/07/2017

Dear Doctor Liang
Thanks for your help, thanks to you I have stopped smoking after more than 40 years of addiction at 63 years of age. In a week, I quit completely smoking the cigar now causes me nausea and repudiation, now I have less stress.
Thanks again.
Thieny Girois
993 383 891

Lima March 7, 2014

Mr. Eduardo Añaños Pérez, age 83 years
Suffer from Parrot's beak s since 14 years ago. And have constantly strong pain.
His treatment was injections for pain, physical therapy and medicine treatments.
Since it didn't have positive results, he realized an Acupuntomology Treatment with Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun and from the first day with the technique; he have felt improvement, had done 6 sessions and now he is feeling much better.
Eduardo Añaños Pérez
ID 06124336

Lima June 24, 2014

My name is Norma Garay Sulca of 56 years, I am a nurse and diagnosed with allergic rhinitis; with enough discomfort for the last 25 years, runny nose, for times stuffy nose, sneezing, symptoms that were throughout the day.
I got treatments in different places as hospitals, alternative treatments; I have not found any solution.
I searched for information on the internet and found the address of Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun on June 16, 2014 and realizé me of Acupotomology treatment with 2 sessions in which I found enough improvement and symptoms gone in 90%.
So I thank Dr. Liang Wei Jun.
DNI 07085795

Lima May 22, 2014

Liang Liu Wei Jun
Dear Doctor:
I am pleased to greet you cordially and at the same time, to thank you for the work shown in the treatment that you gave me.
In this regard, I would like to say, that for approximately 20 years, I have been suffering from rhinitis and allergies that caused me enough mucus and acute breathing problems, which I tried to different doctors, to solve my problem; also approximately since that date I have had many stomach problems as burning, gases, and allergies to medications, vitamins and others in the area concerned, having tried several treatments to solve my problem.
However, after 5 sessions of treatment with you, displayed symptoms have disappeared entirely.
I emphasize your experience and knowledge in the science of the Acupotomology, wishing you the greatest success.
I reiterate the sentiments of esteem and consideration.
Kind regards,
Mauricio Arrieta Ojeda
DNI 09314187

Lima December 10, 2014

Mr. Juan Luis Daly
Since 5 days ago I'm going to the office (consulting room) of Dr. Liang cause I'm receiving an acupuntomology treatment. 76 years old.
I felt much better, I suffer for different diseases since five years ago. I was diagnosed in February 2010 in the San Felipe Clinic with Parkinson. Now with the treatment from Dr. Liang, I write well, but first it was very difficult.
I improved in balance, stress, walking and talking, sleeping better; have more energy, also no longer shakes from Parkinson.
Is 85% better.
DNI 08256911

Lima February 18, 2014

I, Raúl Corrales Paredes have Parkinson's disease since 4 years ago, I have been going to the clinic St. Paul, I am taking Madopar medicine and now I have contact Dr. Liang Wei Jun; And I have already improved with only 4 sessions.
I am a retired ENT doctor, I have 4 children, 2 are doctors also and they work in Canada.
I hope to improve more with Dr. Liang Wei Jun through acupuncture treatment.
Treatment with medications (pills) did not improve my disease. Age 84 years.
ID 29256758

Lima February 21, 2014

I, Manuel Chauca López, 83 years of age; I have had asthma, rhinitis, constipation since childhood, and I have been treated by the homeopathic and modern medicine without results; but with the treatment of the Acupuntomology performed by Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun, I have been cured in 20 sessions. Therapy was carried out in the clinic of Dr. Liang, in Santiago Figueredo St. # 127 Miraflores.
Manuel Chauca López
ID 08784270

Lima February 18, 2014

I, Luis Manuel Chaupis Huamantinco suffer Parkinson disease. I have diagnosed this disease 8 months ago, in the Hospital of the health of the PNP and confirmed in the Neurological Hospital Diseases (before Mogrovejo). They prescribed me medicines like Levodopa, Alprazolam, Clonazepam, and many unsuccessful pills. Therefore I went to the office of Dr.Liang Liu Wei Jun to receive an Acupuntomology treatment (on Monday 10 February 2014), I started to feel an improvement to the walk, my mood has improved and don't feel so contracted. I have faith in Dr. Liang, I hope that at the end of the sessions I will be definitely cured.
Kind regards
Luis Manuel Chaupis Huamantinco
ID 07925917

Lima May 19, 2013

Dear Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun
My name is Patricia Ames, I was born in Lima and I have 40 years old, for three months I was suffering from a pain in the neck for stress, anxiety and depression. As the pain was increasingly emphasizing, I went to the doctor for emergency and they put a number of painkillers and analgesics that doped me, I was prescribed with pills and painkillers and it didn't helped me out. I took exams, I spent money and not able to be cured. So then, my dad Dario Ames talked to me about acupuncture and we look up in the yellow pages, we saw that Dr. Liang has over 50 years of experience so we went to visit him.
Acupuntomology treatment started and I started to have relief and in the second session even more.
My neck did hurt too, chest, back, left arm, and I was diagnosed with chronic ischemia and possible left-sided paralysis but as a miracle Dr. Liang is healing me. I am now 95% more quiet relief, I can move my arm, I feel no pain or stress in the area, I can do my normal work, I am very grateful to the doctor and his miraculous needles.
Patricia Ames Vera

Miraflores March 2, 2013

Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun,
Santiago Figueredo St. N°127 Miraflores
From my special consideration:
This serves to greet the most attentive, warmest and sincere thanks, for the outstanding medical attention I received from you. I have been very ill, with many pains in the spine, going to various clinics in our city Lima, on this serious ailment, several MRIs to detect from degraded ills and then with several physiotherapy care, only getting a slight temporary relief, keeping me away from my professional career (as a management consultant), today thanks to their professional highly-skilled in the field of Acupuntomology I am cured. I had three sessions: in the first session I was relieve almost 50%, in the second session another 30% and in the last session I was already cured and I'm pretty satisfied.
This excellent result for my health has meant an improvement in my mood and in my profession, so now I can reach all my goals, all this thanks to your health treatment and I have joy.
Thanking you once again, for their professional services medical premium given to me, I say goodbye, without first thanking God on my way to find people like you.
MBA. Raul Hernandez
President - executive

Lima December 4, 2012

Dear Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun,
My name is Juliana Rodriguez Machaca, born in the city of Rosaspata, Rosaspata, province of Huancane, Puno district. I am 62 years old; two years ago I had pain in the hip and leg, at right sides.
I went to a traumatologist who prescribes me drugs (injections/ shots), in principle there were improvements, but then I went back to having the same pains. I subsequently visited another doctor an orthopedic surgeon in the city of Arequipa, Peru; he also diagnosed me an osteoporosis disease.
I received treatment with injections, having me calm but at the third month, once again returned the pains in the hip and leg. Then, I went to a naturopathic and he prepared me a series of herbs that I should take four times a day for fifty days, during the treatment I felt that there was some improvement. But after finished the treatment, I felt less pain in my leg like there was some improvement but the pain of my hip remained equal.
The pains increased little by little, I could no longer walk normally, I walked slowly, and the bleachers went up slowly. On December 15, 2012 one of my sons, Napoleón Prudencio, insists me on travelling to the city of Lima, in order to consult with a doctor in Acupuntomology, located in the District of Miraflores; my son saw the notice in the newspaper "El Comercio".
At the insistence of my son, who encouraged me to travel for a consultation. After the consultation, I received a treatment and in the first session I did not felt more pain; neither in the hip and right leg. After four sessions I can slowly walk without pain, now I feel better than before. The doctor recommended me another session in order to have more improvement and I do believe in his wonderful needles. And I am extremely grateful for the treatment received. I will return to visit you, the first week of February 2013,
Thank you Dr. Liang Liu
Juliana Rodriguez Machaca, DNI 02378215

Lima November 22, 2012

Dear Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun,
My name is Andrea Valdivia Vizcarra, born in Lima, Peru. I am 22 years old and since I remember I suffer strong headaches, diagnosed as migraine pain.
My dad is a doctor and I have tried everything, all the new pads for migraine but unfortunately without result. Before going to Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun, I used to take somniferous pills to sleep and relieve some of my pain.
Migraine made me vomit, used to walk with dark lenses, used to avoid all sorts of strong odors from food and perfumes.
Everything has changed up, also my state of mind while going to Dr. Liang to get treatment, since November 21 with his Acupuntumology. I sleep with not effort, I don't awake with pain, my stomach and head aren't hurt by taking so many pills that I have taken over my life. I don't have the horrible and endless episodes of migraine. I feel that I have improved up to 90% on all the discomforts that I had
That is why I have no words to thank Dr. Liang for his excellent work and support that he gave me.
Very grateful,
Andrea Valdivia Vizcarra, email: andreavv22@hotmail.com

Lima March 18, 2012

Considered Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun,
My name is Yraida Cosar de Fabian, born in the province of Tarma, department of Junín. I have 67 years old, the last 10 years I have been bothered with vaginal pains, I went to the social insurance and saw Dra. Sonia Huamán and she treat me with tablets, injections, for a long time, but the pain followed.
Soon I went to Dr. Elías Rodriguez, gynecologist, who check on me and did some analysis, ecographies, he prescribed injections, tablets, and nothing, and pain was there. After that I went to the Policlinic of the Bank from the Nation and see an urologist, oncology, gynecologist, they did not find my problem, they treat me with more tablets, injections. Lately I went to the trauma section, who found that I had tendinitis in the left side, he prescribe tablets and sent me to do physical therapy, after a month I did still felt pain and I began to cripple and could not sleep well, I had insomnia; tired of everything, they recommended me to go to an acupunctomologist, I found it in the yellow pages, Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun, Chinese Doctor, with great experience in the Chinese medicine with more than 50 years, immediately I went to its doctor's office take the first session treatment and I began to have lightening to my pains, in the second session even more; now I am with calmer 95%, my life came back to me, daily normal. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun and to their miraculous needles.
Thank you very much,
Yraida Cosar de Fabian

Lima March 16, 2012

My name is Mencia Rosales Lopez, natural of Huancayo, I am 55 years old and 10 years ago I began to feel vertigo, dizzy, could not sleep well, when I was in bed I could not turn around to the right side because I felt dizzy and I felt that whatever the disease, it was increasing.
I visited the best doctors of Huancayo and they did not know about my disease, I spent a lot of money looking for treatment for my disease, as a result of that I came to Lima, I was taken care of in the Japanese Peruvian Clinic and the doctor said to me that there was not a solution for my disease, that I was going to be limited without being able to make my life normally, so I fell in a depression on the verge of wanting to attempt against my life, good day, my children worried about my health and looking for another type of medicine for me, they found the Chinese Medicine with the great Doctor Liang Liu Wei Jun, who cures with Acupuncture, so I was decided to visit him and from the first day that Doctor saw me, cleared the pain in a 95 %. And from that day I am another person, I feel that I have returned to live thanks to Doctor Liang Liu Wei Jun.
Thanks doctor,
Mrs. Mencia Rosales Lopez

Lima March 16, 2012

My name is Janet Valdez; I have 31 years old, I am natural of Lima. Three years ago I fall of the car and after that I got pain in all my back, at the outset I thought that the pain was for stress and I began to medicate myself taking tablets and it got worse.
The pains continued, so I went to see a doctor and told me, it detected a lumbar hernia, so I needed surgery. The truth is that I was on the verge of doing it since the pains were too strong, could not walk, and could not sleep. This affection affected my life and my work, and also my family.
Until a day, a friend of mine recommends me to see Doctor Liang Liu Wei Jun. I was little incredulous about the Chinese medicine, but without wanting to get the surgery, so I try with the Acupuncture and, from the first day that I went to the doctor's office of Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun, I left the doctor's office walking and without pain, I feel well, I do not have no type of pain in the back, I can sleep and mainly able to make my activities normally. For that reason I recommend this alternative medicine that is very good.
Janet Valdez Pereira

Lima January 23, 2010

Of our highest consideration:
We are pleased to address you by this, to describe shortly what happened two years ago with my wife Heidi Morriberon Vivian, who had neck problems related with accidents in his youth that had caused her dizziness and buzzing along one year in both ears, and that these problems did not allowed her to make her live normal.
Prior to going to his office for a year, we went to specialists trying to find out the reason for the buzzing and dizziness through a battery of tests, x-rays and scans they ordered in the clinic as well as drugs, concluding ... "That as it had appeared buzzing in the ears of my wife, it was going to dissappear ; and with respect to cervical problems, the specialist recommended treating with a neurosurgeon to operate. Certainly we were concerned about this diagnostic and try to try to find other specialists or treatment with alternative medicine, for some experience in Shiatsu as in acupuncture, I tried to locate the services of an acupuncture doctor who I knew a long time ago, I went several times to his office, but it seemed it did not work there anymore and nobody could give a reason for its location. We were desperate about the situation we were facing, the diagnostic of traditional medicine, try to find an immediate solution to the problems of my wife, as a last resort option in early 2008 at the yellow pages of the telephone directory with great surprise we found the notice of his office, and called immediately by phone by calling and requesting an appointment.
In his office we could see that in addition to acupuncture, you treated your patients with acupuntomoloy, accompanying their services with your kindness, good treatment, professionalism and trust we put in their hands, and after one month treatment my wife, she significantly reduced the buzzing in the ears, nor had no dizziness and neck pain had disappeared in parallel, myself took care also of different problems that affected me because of my age, which were also solved. Regularly turn to his office to prevent the return of our troubles as well as for preventive treatment of our health.
What we like is that in addition to your office environment and cure of a disease that afflicts him by acupuntomología, you advises your patients on preventive treatments that should be performed as a lifestyle and appropiate food, we are extremely grateful , wishing every success to you and your wife for your kind attention and specialized treatment received.
David San Román Benavente DNI 08181967, dasrobe1@gmail.com, Heidi Vivian Morriberon DNI 08768382

Asthma Cure

I suffered from asthma 12 years, asthma is a very horrible disease, and does not let you make a normal life, drowning me in the night, could not sleep because every time I gave my crisis and gave me a rather nasty cough, hissed my chest, sometimes when I could not breathe, I had to vomit so I could leave a little air, slept sitting, because lying could not and had to be with my ventolin (aerosol) each time, until asthma became chronic, several times I had to take to the hospital because I had no ventolin case then came to the hospital and put an injection into a vein and I mist, often came with just the hospital, thanks God that I'm not dead because many people who have died before reaching hospital.
The things I did before when I was healthy and I could not do anymore because of asthma, I loved football, beach and pool. 5 minutes playing soccer and I choked when I walked through the streets gave me that feeling of choking or drowning and I just had to use my ventolin, but not equal to as if you were healthy.
So far I have not been able to marry because of my asthma because I said, who is going to want to marry me if almost every night I gave my crisis, so that women will get bored and leave me.
Several times I had wished to be death, I will have an anecdote that happened to me at home. Turns out I had come from the mountains (Yauyos) on a Friday night, and the next day had to wash my hair but I had forgotten my ventolin in the mountains, then I instructed my brother to buy me a ventolin in pharmacy while I was washing my hair and it turns me off his chest and all I managed to say is I'm dying mother and people say that I fainted and was taken to hospital, but in the course of my house to the hospital, I was getting mouth to mouth breathing so I did not die.
I put my injection every 25 days, the injection is called Diprospam and consumed me 3 months and had to buy ventolin calcium, because the injections were decalcifying bone me, so I calculated that at age 50 would be in chair wheels or I was going to get cancer to the bones or something else I would have a horrible death because he was going to come a time when the shots were not going to pay attention and die by drowning.
Many times it crossed my mind to kill myself because life was not a life. Every month I spent an average of one hundred soles in medicines, I lived artificially because if I did not put my injection I would die.
I thank Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun for having cured me of asthma, I learned from him by the newspaper Peru 21 and once I saw him on television of the program of Frecuencia Latina.
With acupuncture and modern art Acupuntomología - Osteology is microsurgery, it is needles that penetrate the body and do not hurt much of anything.
What happened to me is a miracle, I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Liang Lu Wei, God bless him.
What that medicine cured me in 12 years, Dr. Liang cured me in 27 days, I started a January 4, 2008 and ending on January 30, 2008, and now I am very happy and my family thanks Dr. Liang.
The good thing that Dr. Liang Liu Wei was aware at the time of charging.
As traditional doctors say that asthma is not curable, now I say that Dr. Liang cure asthma.
Luis Angel Paucos Arrellana DNI 21431267, Ica.

Lima December 25, 2009

Considered Dr. Liang,
By means of the present I thank to Dr. Liang, for his treatment with the technique of the Acupuntomology. Who writes had been more than ten years suffering of obstructive apnea, which is an upheaval of the dream that it causes the interruption of the breathing thus suffered of constant asphyxias and micro wake up holds when I enter phase deep sleep. The apnea prevented me to a repairing sleepy and they often caused constant muscular tension, when sleeping when waking up by the lack of air and asphyxia.
This upheaval of the dream also caused that it suffered of a bruxism severe nocturne (swish of teeth), which caused to acute pain in the jaw and damaging my teeth.
I was for more than five years in treatment with a specialized neurologist who carried out a polysomnographic study with which diagnosed the apnea, and he recommended throughout the time a series to me of treatments to mitigate the effects of the upheaval, like sleeping of side, using special a dental rule to position the jaw inferior forwards and to favor the passage of air, medicines to attenuate to the muscular pain product the tension when sleeping, and finally the use of an apparatus of positive breathing , which has a mask that causes that air goes on to the nose under pressure when the breathing pauses.
These treatments helped me out but they were not a cure, the muscular lack of repairing dream and pains continued being a serious problem for my life and also for my family.
Finally when I was taken care by Dr. Liang, by Acupuntomology after initiate the treatment I had soon results, the episodes of apnea have been reduced drastically, and I hope to continue improving.
Later the doctor also has helped me with the problem of the bruxism, recently after two weeks of treatment I have had an improvement with the problem of the swish of teeth and the pain in the jaw is handicapped considerably. I thank for the doctor and I recognize of special way the technique of the Acupuntomology that he practices of a very effective way to help to recover the health of his patients.
Engineer Alex Olivas Márquez National Identity Document 09390243 alexolivas@hotmail.com

Lima December 30, 2009

Considered Dr. Liang,
By means of the present, allow me to greet you and simultaneously to show the following thing:
I found out this treatment that you realize based on Acupuncture and Acupuntomology, the same that the fights pain, through a friend to whom I told that I have been suffering of intense pains in back, hip and leg. And that no tranquilizer did some effect on me, he commented me on the treatment that Dr. Liang Wei gave.
I went to its office, where I explain him my problem and he came to give me the corresponding treatment, with which was diminishing the pain in gradual form, in the beginning was very painful to the end to arrive at the tears, the treatment in my case lasted nine days, being very thankful by this rewarding experience.
Nina Melosevich de Giannoni National Identity Document 07213616

Lima December 30, 2009

Dear Sir:
By the present I would want to thank you, for been treated by you for an insomniac problem that afflicted me of irregular way by some months.
It happened that three days before coming to see you (doctor), I had three nights followed of insomnia, something that has not returned to happen since it initiated the treatment, the day 15 of December of the present year.
Also helped me with Acupuntomology, for a very acute pain I have had in the heel of the left foot, which has improved. Thank you very much Doctor Liang.
Teresa Marruffo Bambarén National Identity Document 06186038 teremarru@yahoo.com

Lima December 22, 2009

Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun
It is pleasing to greet you and by this way be thankful to you, for having cleared the pain that I had in the waist, a pain that I have had at least for four years ago, I have prove many things trying to find some solution to the problem, made many therapies of rehabilitation, also visits to physiotherapy, also they realized a magnetic resonance to me, of the part that hurt and the doctor said to me that there was nothing there. But the pain persisted and no longer knew what to do, until some day that I saw an announcement in "The Comercio", from Dr. Liang Liu and, I decided to visit you to know if you could clear those pains that as much bothered me. And you cure me.
I am very thankful to you Dr. Liang Wei Jun, that thanks to Acupuncture and to Acupuntomology, the pain that I had in the waist that as much bothered me, has cleared off and now I feel very well, without pain.
Thanks Dr. Liang Liu Wei Jun.
Daniel Huañahue Alva National Identity Document 41108268 dani81_1@hotmail.com

Chosica, Peru. December 30, 2009

Of my greater and personnel consideration:
I direct the present one to greet you and to give testimony of my improvement with the treatment of Acupuncture and Acupuntomology that you did to me. During a time I had pain ear due to listening to the excess of volume of music, later headache, had pain in ingle, pains in the knees, after walking one hour I had pain in the heels and pain heart.
With the treatment that you did to me, it felt like an enormous lightening and at the moment I am attending since December 23th until now, to the treatment with which I feel far better.
Being thankful for your services has left very kindly of you.
Dionisio Lozano Cisneros National Identity Document 06007951 Cell Phone 993199907

Lima, March 2016

Patient Name: Carolina Valeria Trujillo Churo.
Disease: Cerebellar ataxia.
Term of illness: Approximately 5 years.

Symptoms: Numbness in arms and legs. Missing body balance. Dulling and exhaustion when walking. Dizziness. No appetite. Persistent dry cough. Impossibility of up and down stairs. Progressive loss of sensation in arms and legs. Loss of reflex. Blurred vision. Difficulty speaking. Right shoulder dropped (asymmetric). Insomnia. Loss of strength in his hand. Instability in trying to hold the body upright.
Before no useless occidental treatments: Well Health Center, Solidary Hospital (around 5 months term). Went also to the Neurological National Institute of Science - Mogrovejo Hospital (around 2 months term). Private med practice (around 4 years term). All treatment based on medications, 3 times a day meds. This treat gave periods of improvement but when they change the medication, had relapse back and all the symptoms mentioned above came again.

Acupotomology treat:
Start date 14/03/2016 / Final date: 09/04/16.
Term of treat: 8 sessions of treatment appointment, twice per week.

Effect: Recovery of appetite up to 40% - 50%. More stable vision. Speak more clearly up to 60%. Improvement of strength body up to 30%. Insomnia decreased down to 30%. Improvement in keeping the body upright to 40%. Decreased the feeling of pressure on forehead and eyes up to 60%. Emergence of sensitivity in the hand to 50%.
Name: Carolina Valeria Trujillo Churo ID: 40880110